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Revision of ImageCLEF - The CLEF Cross Language Image Retrieval Track from Thu, 04/21/2011 - 09:43


  • 21.4.2011 Topics for the wikipedia image retrieval task are now released. Also, low-level visual features of the images in the collection are available for download.
  • 15.4.2011 Topics for the medical retrieval task are now released.
  • 18.3.2011 Collection (images + metadata) release for the Wikipedia Retrieval task 2011.
  • 17.3.2011 Training data release for the Plant Retrieval task 2011.
  • 17.3.2011 Data release for the Medical Image Retrieval task 2011.
  • 31.1.2011 ImageCLEF 2011 registration is open, and the copyright agreement is available here
  • 10.9.2010 The ImageCLEF book is now available to buy at Springer. More information can be found here.


ImageCLEF is the cross-language image retrieval track which is run as part of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF).
ImageCLEF has already seen participation from both academic and commercial research groups worldwide from communities including: Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR), Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) and user interaction. More information on past and current ImageCLEF campaigns can be found here:

The working notes of ImageCLEF included in the CLEF working notes are available from the CLEF webpage.

ImageCLEF organisers

ImageCLEF was originally proposed by Mark Sanderson and Paul Clough from the Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield. However, today ImageCLEF is organised and run voluntarily by a much larger number of individuals and research groups.

Image retrieval from medical collections

Image annotation

Image retrieval from a collection of wikipedia images


Various articles describing ImageCLEF in more detail have been published. These are available here.


Many organisations and individuals have supported ImageCLEF, but in particular we thank:

  • Dr. Carol Peters (co-ordinator of CLEF) for continual support and help in the organisation of ImageCLEF.
  • Dr. Thomas Deselaers for his help in past ImageCLEF editions (2004-2008) and for support of the ImageCLEF web pages.
  • The Khresmoi, Chorus+ and Promise projects for their support.
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